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Sonoma Valley High School Math Department
Honors Geometry & Algebra 2 Math Program

What is the Honors Geometry & Algebra 2 Math Program?

At its simplest, this program is one in which students take Geometry and Algebra 2 concurrently during the regular school year, each with supplementary material beyond the traditional Geometry and Algebra 2 curricula, making it an Honors designation. Depending on the enrollment, it could take one of two forms. If there are enough students enrolled, it would be a dedicated two-period class in which the supplementary material is embedded in the course and the course would move at a quicker pace than the regular classes. If the enrollment is not high enough for a dedicated class of honors, the students would be grouped together during regular Geometry and Algebra 2 classes, taught by the same teacher, and the supplementary material would be taught during the A+ period. In order to participate in the Honors program, a student must take both courses concurrently; students are not allowed to take one or the other. To be able to schedule the two courses, the Honors Algebra 2 will most likely be taught 0° period, which begins at 7:20 a.m. daily.

When will we know whether the classes will be a combination of regular students and Honors students or dedicated Honors courses and when will we know which periods the classes will be offered?

Unfortunately due to the myriad of complications involving the creation of the master schedule, in particular the fact that these two classes are singletons, this information will probably not be available or able to be confirmed until the beginning of August.

Who is eligible?

Incoming 9t​ h​ graders and current 9t​ h​ graders that have passed Algebra 1 and who have a teacher’s recommendation. Please note that Algebra 1 is a high school graduation requirement, so a student needs to have an official Algebra 1 course that covers the same Common Core State Standards as our district course.

Is Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2 the only way to accelerate?

No, students may take regular Geometry and regular Algebra 2 concurrently, as well as taking Geometry for original credit in summer school, when offered. We have not heard yet if original credit Geometry will be offered this summer.
How is the workload compared to the regular classes?
Since the program consists of two math courses, one can expect that the amount of practice will be doubled plus the additional curriculum. Because it is an Honors –level course, one should expect a larger workload and quicker pace (if the classes are purely Honors).

What are the supplementary topics?

Some of the supplementary topics that are not covered in a regular course may be matrices, extended geometric constructions, counting principles, conic sections, introduction to coding, the Trig Star competition (surveying and triangle trigonometry extensions).

How is the grade determined?

If it is a mixed honors/non-honors class, the honors work will comprise 20% of the grade and the regular coursework will comprise 80% of the grade. If it is a dedicated class, the supplementary work will be embedded into the course.

Do these Honors-designated courses receive an extra grade point?

On the Sonoma Valley High School transcript, these courses will receive an extra grade point in the weighted G.P.A. However, these are not UC/CSU a–g Honors courses so when calculating the UC/CSU G.P. A. (the G.P.A. that the UC and CSU systems use for their college applications), these courses would not receive an extra grade point. The courses will be listed on the transcript as two separate courses, each with an Honors designation.

Can a student change their mind and drop the Honors course once the school year has started?

Yes, to a point. This course follows the same rules as any other schedule changes. ​The student has until the last day of schedule changes at the beginning of the semester to request to switch out of the Honors course​.

Students are generally able to request a schedule change during the first two weeks of the semester. If your student has requested the Honors course, there is no guarantee that a space will be available in the regular college preparatory geometry course. Please note that if a student changes their mind and requests a schedule change, it may impact their entire schedule.

Can a student take just one of the Honors courses, rather than both?

No. This Honors program is a 2 course program. Students must take both Honors courses concurrently to receive the Honors designation.

What are the benefits of taking this program?
The benefits to taking this program are primarily that it allows the student to accelerate one level of math. In addition, the student receives a grade bump on their transcript and will be able to take AP Calculus AB as a junior, if the student is planning on continuing with calculus in high school.

What are the downfalls of taking this program?

Some students accelerate and then struggle with both the difficulty level and pace of the honors classes and end up having to repeat a course. It is important that if a student chooses this path, that the student, parents and teacher regularly check-in to make sure that this path is one that will give the student the greatest opportunity for success. Accelerating and then having to repeat due to a low grade looks far worse than not accelerating and passing all math classes. Math is a cumulative subject so it is important to note that students who sign up for this program are determined to follow through to AP Calculus.

Who is the ideal student for this Honors program?

The ideal student for this Honors program is a student who has the following characteristics:

1. Completes all work thoroughly and on time, without using the Homework Help feature of CPM regularly.

2. Enjoys mathematics.

3. Does not get discouraged when mathematics is challenging. Both Geometry and Algebra 2 as individual regular level courses are more difficult than Algebra 1 and due to the cumulative nature of math, require students to have a strong foundation in Algebra 1 to be successful.

4. Wants to be in AP Calculus AB as a junior or senior in high school.

5. Understands that if the student is planning on continuing on in Calculus past Calculus AB after junior year, he or she may have to take the next class at the junior college while in high school. However , there are other options at Sonoma Valley High School that are Advanced Placement options that students may take after Calculus such as AP Statistics and AP Computer Science.

What if I have more questions about this program?

If you need more information or have other questions, please email the SVHS Math Department Chairperson, Tammy Rivara at

Important Phone Numbers

Main Office: 707-933-4010 ​

Attendance : (707) 933-4017

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We are a community of Sonoma Valley High School (SVHS) parents, dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and two-way communication between families and the school. ​Since we are an independent group with no formal ties to the Sonoma Valley Unified School District (SVUSD), we do not officially represent the views of the SVUSD or SVHS. We do, however, make every effort to provide the most current and accurate information available.

Through this web site, a Facebook group and sponsored events, we seek to provide a forum for parents and students to share information about school related issues, raise questions and concerns, and explore solutions through ongoing  dialogue. We also provide student-focused resources, and profile student activities and achievements at SVHS.

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